Olivia Rose The Label is a small independent British clothing label, founded in January 2017 by me, Olivia Rose Havelock.

Every item is handmade to order by me in my studio in Edinburgh UK, my making process includes the designing, fabric sourcing, cutting out, sewing, stitching, steaming, labeling, packaging and sending of each individual item along with its own personal hand written note.

All items are handmade in very limited quantities, most pieces take around 4 hours to be made, I can accept around 20 orders per week, no items are pre-made as I like to have as little wasted fabrics and resources as possible. I source and purchase all my fabrics locally in the UK.

My Grandma was my biggest inspiration growing up and was the person to first introduce me to the sewing machine at around age 8 and I have been in love with making clothes ever since. The Beryl Dress was lovingly named after her.